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Designer Gold Polygon Metal Mirror Serving Tray 34cm

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Elevate your dining experience with this elegant gold polygon-shaped metal serving tray, perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.

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Introducing the “Designer Gold Polygon Metal Mirror Serving Tray” – an exquisite addition to your dining table setup. Crafted from sturdy metal, this serving tray not only serves its purpose impeccably but also adds a touch of elegance to your dining experience.

The tray features an intriguing polygonal design that is sure to captivate everyone at your table. Its golden hue exudes a sense of opulence, making it suitable for both daily meals and special gatherings. Measuring 41 cm in length and 23 cm in width, it offers ample space to accommodate a variety of dishes, making it ideal for serving multiple guests simultaneously.

Caring for this elegant gold serving tray is a breeze. Simply wipe it clean with a dry cloth to maintain its lustrous appearance. It’s important to note that this dining table set item is not dishwasher-safe and should not be cleaned with a wet cloth on a daily basis.

Why should you invest in this product? The “Designer Gold Polygon Metal Table Serving Tray” not only boasts an elegant design but also practicality. Its generous size allows you to serve numerous guests at once, making it an excellent addition to your dinnerware set. The versatility of this tray extends beyond serving; you can use it to decorate your dining room, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

Product Specifications:

  • Length (cm): 34
  • Width (cm): 15
  • Color: Gold
  • Country of Origin: CN (China)
  • Shape: Polygon
  • Weight (kg): 1.33

Elevate your dining room aesthetics with the “Designer Gold Polygon Metal Table Serving Tray” – a combination of elegance, functionality, and versatility that will enhance your dining experience.


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