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Triangular Decor Mirror Stand

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Embrace modern elegance with the Triangular Mirror Stand.

This two-tier design , adorned in chic gold metal and mirrors, effortlessly enhances any table. Ideal for practical use or as a stylish decor element. Explore its sleek design and dimensions:

Shop now for a seamless blend of form and function in a captivating, contemporary style.

Material: metal and mirror

Colour: gold


  • Dimensions: Width – 43 cm, Depth – 20 cm, Height – 60 cm:

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Embrace Modern Sophistication with the Triangular Decor Mirror Stand


Discover a harmonious fusion of form and function as the Triangular Decor Stand confidently takes center stage in your home. Its captivating geometric design and minimalist aesthetic seamlessly enhance any room, making a bold statement that transcends the ordinary.


Seamlessly Complements Your Decor


Whether your interior leans towards contemporary or classic, the Triangular Decor Mirror Stand is designed to seamlessly integrate into your decor. With sleek lines and a geometric form, it adds a touch of modernity to any setting, creating a visual symphony of elegance.


Practicality Meets Aesthetics


Placed in your bedroom, living room, or hallway, this mirror stand serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. The reflective surface imparts the illusion of space and introduces a chic decor element, elevating your surroundings to new heights of sophistication.


Explore the Triangular Decor Mirror Stand


Immerse yourself in the modern elegance of our Triangular Decor Mirror Stand. [Explore its features and design](#) that make it the perfect addition to your home. The metallic finish in gold and the glass tiers create a captivating visual experience, offering a unique blend of materials.


Dimensions in Centimeters

– Width: 43 cm

– Depth: 20 cm

– Height: 60 cm


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